Arkham Horror Gol - Goroth Playmat

Brand: Panda Post Gaming
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Gol-goroth is a immense black monstrum with malevolent glare, toad like, covered with tentacles. But it is not limited to this gruesome form. It can take any image to fit the worst nightmare of whoever is unlucky enough to lay their eyes on it.

Dark god from forgotten times of Hyboria, it now starts being worshipped in parts of Britain and Hungary. Some suspect it was worshipped in Atlantis as Golgor and by the Little People through the Black Stones.

Some information about it can be found in the Unaussprechlichen Kulten,  believed to have been written by Friedrich Wilhelm von Junzt and in the Book of Eibon, where it is said to be dwelling under Mount Antarktos at the South Pole.

This is a playmat depicting this monstrosity as seen in visions by Greg Bobrowski.
Greg is an incredible artist. He is a cheerful human being on the outside with his inner eye focused on the dark, true, side of our reality. His work should be well known to those of you who visit our FB page as he has cooperated with Panda Post Gaming on numerous occasions.

It is the first time we were able to bring his work to our shop but we hope not the last.
This is a limited offer as we can only bring you 50 playmats so be quick and celebrate this New Moon with us.


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