Bullet Journal by Artist on Board

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Bullet Journal by Artist on Board.

Thanks to the contacts Pandas have in the artist circles we managed to obtain a few of the limited run of Bullet Journals made by Artist on Board group. What makes them unique among other Bullet Journals? They are adorned by the beautiful illustrations and sketches from the various artists that are part of Artist on Board.

For those of you who don't know all the technical jargon here is a short explanation.

Bullet Journal

- Calendar, notepad, a place to write down your ideas, plans, sketches, notes and organize your life. Bullet Journaling is heavily relied on by Pandas.

Artist on Board

- A group uniting freelance artists that we know from board/card/computer games, comic books and books. You can meet them on international events and tournaments. They work with publishers and tournament organizers of Magic the Gathering, A Game of Thrones LCG, Star Wars (in all the different flavours) Doomtown and tens of other games. Pandas are proud to call many of them our friends. They helped create unforgettable prizes for many tournaments we worked on like Flea Bottom Fracas, Tourney of Stahleck or Little Birds tournaments. Artist like Tomasz Jędruszek, Mariusz Gandzel, Greg Bobrowski, Gracjana Zielińska, Tomasz Larek, Rafał Szłapa are just a few of the artists united by this community.

You need to look for their illustrations? Check you gaming cupboards!

And as an addition a short film explaining bullet journaling.


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